Saturday, November 28, 2015

World Cup Racing Tomorrow!

World Cup 1 starts tomorrow in Sweden. Watch us live!

7:45am EST Single Mixed Relay (Me and Sean)
9:30am EST Mixed Relay (Susan, Annelies, Leif, Lowell)


Photo: IBU 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A New Low!!!!

Today I got my worst result in a biathlon race, ever! 

I skied slowly, fell once, missed two in prone, and missed ALL FIVE in standing. (That is called "dirtying" the target, which I have done one other time in practice two years ago, that I remember.)

I am leaving myself plenty of room, i.e. all the room, to do better next weekend. 

Good things that happened: my back did not hurt while carrying the rifle, I hit three prone targets, all of my standing shots were in a very tight group (all hitting an area about the size of a half-dollar) right outside the top edge of the target, and... I think that's it actually.

Oh yeah- at least I am not injured. My teammate Hannah dislocated her knee cap yesterday and is able to walk but not ski. So that puts things in perspective. 

My teammate Susan and coach Jonas sporting our new uniforms