Thursday, January 21, 2016

Heading in the Right Direction

Today I got off to a great start, shooting clean in prone, and then I missed 3 in standing and my chances of making the pursuit (top 60) went out the window. I ended up 67th, just 12 seconds out of the top 60.

The good news is I skied significantly faster than I have since World Cup 1 in November, so I actually would have made the pursuit if I had shot 80% or better. I have shot 80% in the last three sprint races but unfortunately I couldn't pull that off again today. To put things in perspective, even if I had hit 10/10 at World Cup 3 in December, I would not have finished in the top 60 because I was skiing so slowly. And yet at World Cup 1 in Novemeber, I hit 10/10 and finished 16th because I was skiing so fast. It is a mystery as to where the ski speed went, but I can only hope that now it is coming back! Then I can put all the puzzle pieces together.

We have a women's relay on Sunday morning, and then I fly back to the US on Monday. I will find out after this weekend whether I have qualified for the next two World Cups, which will be held in Canmore, Alberta (CAN), and Presque-Isle, Maine (USA). 

Joanne and I with a young Russian fan.
Following a Czech skier on the first lap of today's sprint.
Another crazy Russian fan! 
The Tyrollean hot chocolate (pudding!) is so delicious I eat one every day.
This is the view from our hotel, overlooking the Antholzersee. Yes, it's true.
A great place for a walk or a ski.

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  1. Awesome to see photos of you and beautiful Anholtz and watch you ski GO CLARE!
    Aunt Liz in snowy DC