Tuesday, January 19, 2016

From Ruhpolding to Antholz

We wrapped up our second week in Ruhpolding and are now in Altholz, in the Italian Dolomites, gearing up for World Cup 6. Antholz has two names-- it is called Anterselva in Italian, but the local language is German (or a dialect of German), hence Antholz. 

Here's a quick summary of what happened in my two races last weekend. I did a 15k Individual on Thursday and the third leg of a 4x6k women's team relay on Sunday:

I got off to a rough start in the Individual, missing one in the first prone stage and then three in the first standing stage. There is a one-minute time penalty per miss in the Individual so with four minutes of time penalty incurred, I knew I needed to put together a better second half of the race... and I did! I hit all ten of my remaining targets. This was a huge accomplishment for me because if I had let the bad first half of the race get into my head, the race could have cone downhill fast. Instead it got better and better. My result was still not good (74th) but I was happy with the turnaround in the shooting, and I actually felt a bit better skiing too. 

I shot really well in the relay, missing only my last target! It is always a let-down to miss the last shot, but I am still content with 9/10 shooting, and I hit the missed target with my first spare round. (In relays you are have three spare rounds per shooting stage if needed.) Unfortunately I am still skiing slowly, so despite good shooting, I only moved our team up a few places. My teammates did not have stellar days and we finished 16th out of 22 teams, just shy of our most recent 15th place relay finish. 

Here are some pics from Ruhpolding and Antholz!

Susan took 6th place in last week's mass start- her best finish in that event!
My Norwegian Super Fan brought brought me a silver necklace
and a little "I love Norway" moose. I gave him a signed race bib.
The course last week before it dumped several feet of snow.
Post-snow storm. Tucking past the crowds in the relay.
Cresting the steepest hill in the relay.
Lowell bravely captaining our van to Italy, keeping the windshield clean en route. 
Benvenuti in Italia!!! Cold, snowy and sunny. 
Bellissimo Antholz

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